In this section, you will find answers to the frequent questions asked by investors. We recommend you to look through this information, as it will help you learn a lot and avoid common mistakes.

• What is VIP status on your website?

VIP-projects on our service are the most promising in terms of investment and risk high-yield programs, which are carefully selected by many parameters. You should pay attention to VIP projects in the first place and diversify your funds among them.

• Is this true that projects carry out the activities that their legends tell us about?

99% of the legends about hyips are fake. It’s pure fiction. So don’t believe everything you see or read. Only a few projects carry out such an activity. And in these cases, the evidence is always provided. Most investors do not even pay attention to such legends since the performance of the hyip does not depend on it.

• What projects are safer to invest in: new or old ones?

It is almost impossible to give a definite answer to this question. In one respect, funds that have been in operation for a long time have proven their solvency, but investing in such a hyip project, you risk investing money on a project that has exhausted all its resources. New hyip projects, au contraire, are just beginning to accept deposits, so investors, who registered at the start, have the opportunity to enter the project in the first line. Besides, there is no guarantee that the new website is planning a long-term operation and someone will have time to withdraw money from it. Therefore, each hyip requires an individual approach.

• Does the administration of hyips provide true statistics?

Very few projects display their actual statistics regarding work and investment. Winding up this data helps you to give the project as a more solid and reliable one, making it look like the resource is in demand among investors. Therefore, when analyzing the hyips, experienced investors do not look at the website statistics.

• Is it possible to trust the statistics on deposits on HYIP monitors and HYIP aggregators?

You can’t! On monitors and HYIP aggregators, the data on deposits is fake! There are several reasons for this type of artificially increase. For example, receiving money for listing monitors start to “draw fake deposits” so that administrators of other projects think that there is traffic on this site and also bought a listing. Another example is “draw fake deposits” for an additional fee from the HYIP admin. Accordingly, you cannot trust the data from aggregators either, since they collect data on deposits from HYIP monitors. We remove painted deposits and monitors that do it.

• Do I need to monitor the work and development of the project before investing in it?

Do not mindlessly invest in everything and carefully study the project before making a deposit. But the period of monitoring the resource should not be long; otherwise, you will miss a good time to enter the project.

• Can I invest a large amount in the project?

The main investment rule is that money should be diversified, i.e. distributed among several projects. If you invest all the money in one project and it fails, you will lose everything you have. Diversification of risks will help to save your money. By investing money in five different funds, the risks of losing all the money at once decrease to zero. The larger your investment portfolio is, the more you are protected. Be ready to invest sums of money that you are not afraid to lose.

• What security measures should the investor take?

Be sure to get a separate mail for hyips and for payment systems cause if you use only one mailbox, its hacking will lead to the loss of all wallets. Besides, it is important to use different passwords for each hyip and check the domains of the websites that you go to, since the Internet is full of scammers.

• Where can I exchange funds?

Not every exchanger works honestly, and if you do not want to run into fraud, give preference to proven services that have a lot of positive feedback from customers. You can check any exchanger on the exchangers monitoring like BestChange. Besides, when exchanging a large amount, it is sometimes advisable to change its parts.

• Is it possible to reinvest in hyips?

Reinvestment is not always useful, and not all marketing hyips are suitable for it. Experienced investors often choose to reinvest profit when they have already received the deposit and withdrawn it to the wallet. In this case, you do not risk anything, because your money is completely safe.

• How often do I need to withdraw profits in hyips?

Profit should be withdrawn regularly, and the more often, the better. If the project pays daily, you should submit a request every day, if hourly, try withdrawing every hour. Saving money on the balance sheet is a big mistake that can lead to the loss of funds.

• Can I trust hyip administrators?

We would not recommend doing this. All the information presented on the hyip website is often not true, so do not let yourself be guided by the stories of the administrators.

• Can I invest other people’s money in hyips?

Under no circumstances should you invest credit or borrowed funds! In case of a scam, you will not only lose your deposit but will also be left with debts that you will certainly have to pay back. Use only the money that belongs to you personally and that does not make up an important part of your family budget. Always remember that you risk money, so invest the amount that you are ready to lose.

• Is it worth investing in the longest rates?

Most often, in hyips you can find several work plans and rates-traps, designed for casual investors. Typically, these are long-term after-plans with great interest that no one is going to pay you. Do not choose such tariffs.

• Can I trust the reviews about the project and the opinions of referrals?

These people set a goal to build a team at any cost and attract as much money as possible to the project. Referral earnings completely depend on this, so most of them do not choose methods and praise even scam projects. You should trust only real reviews of real investors that can be found on hyipdaily.com monitor.

• Why do you need to leave feedback about the project you work with?

There are several reasons to leave your feedback about deposits and payments in investment projects you participate in. Firstly, your reviews, as reviews of a real investor, give other investors the knowledge and understanding of the reliability of the hyip and help them make a choice. Secondly, numerous reviews attract new investors and new deposits, which means that the hyip will work longer. Leaving your reviews means investing your time in your own deposits.